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Data volumes are growing every second. In today’s digital world, they’re not likely to stop. It's more critical than ever to create a complete, accurate and shareable view of your customers, citizens, patients or members to improve decision making and harness the full potential of data.

Civica’s Master Data Management (MDM) solution, MultiVue, helps you to match, merge and master your data. MultiVue ensures the richest view of the customer and all associated entities; anywhere, at any time.
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 MultiVue for Healthcare Organizations


MultiVue and its accompanying modules – MultiVue Share, MultiVue Enrich, and MultiVue CRM Embed – allows you to take control of your customer records and reap the rewards of data-driven business.

Available through a single web installer, Civica MultiVue securely connects data to compare data sets from various departments, programs and sources. 

Recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for seven consecutive years, we continuously optimize our solutions to deliver the maximum business value for our customers from day one of their project. 


What makes Civica MultiVue different?

  • Sophisticated matching algorithms for the highest levels of data accuracy with unmatched performance and scalability
  • Robust data governance tools to reduce security and compliance risk
  • Powerful tools for business users and CRM integration capability
  • Excellent performance on any hardware and ability to deploy on-premise or in the cloud
  • Accurate, complete, consistent data across departments and agencies
  • Better-informed decisions, improved user experience and outcomes
  • Higher-quality, more streamlined services at a lower cost
  • A common entry point for front office, back office and citizen self-service and common data backbone for digital transformation and CRM renewal
  • Flexible licensing model for IT vendors.

Why choose MultiVue?

Improve business decision making

Drive efficiencies & cost savings

Improve data quality & accuracy

MultiVue Enrich

Improve data quality and accuracy through real-time verification and enrichment from trusted reference sources.

MultiVue Enrich ensures that the performance of our core MDM platform, MultiVue is not affected by poor data by ensuring all records are verified against external reference data sources. This means you can trust the accuracy of your data and distribute your single view of the customer across your organization with confidence.

Key features

  • Business data (company names, addresses, location relationships, SIC codes, SME indicators)
  • Access to a broad range of social demographic enrichment data for record enrichment
  • Ability to append additional data to records eg Grid References, UPRN's etc

MultiVue Share

Synchronise and distribute data across enterprise systems to improve accuracy and consistency.

Using MultiVue Share you can improve sharing and synchronization of data to support the decision-making process and distribute the most consistent, accurate data possible. Alongside our core MDM platform, MultiVue Share provides the most trusted data throughout your organization and allows you to control all updates to all applications at a granular level.

Key features

  • Downstream notification of data updates to all connected source systems.
  • Configurability to support updates in different delivery models to suit source system requirements.
  • Granular control enabling specific data attributes to be accepted or rejected.
  • The option to manually verify or automate changes to data.
  • Intuitive user interface to take the complexity out of data stewardship tasks.

MultiVue CRM Embed

Drive efficiencies with seamless embedding across your CRM, ERP or web service platforms.

The nature of customer interactions is changing and becoming more complex, the potential touchpoints they could have with your organization can cover multiple departments. It is essential that CRM is connected to your solution. MultiVue CRM Embed seamlessly embeds with our core MDM platform and CRM to enable your organization to manage customer relationships more efficiently and with more intelligence.

Key features

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Available online and on-premise
  • Enhanced fuzzy matching capability for CRM
  • Enterprise search functionality
  • Active registration.
We’ve used several EMPI solutions for matching and merging in the past, but only Civica’s MultiVue has been able to keep up with our customers.”
Ryan Campbell, Chief Strategy and Information Officer, Verinovum
We now have an up-to-date and accurate picture of every person served by the department, which means we have a holistic view of the cost of service provision and can ensure that every person receives the best, most joined-up service possible.”
Beth Davidson, State Health Information Technology Coordinator, Department of Health & Social Services, State of Alaska

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